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"Dark is not permanent, some nights are long but the sun will always rise."
- Bhargav Jariwala
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Born and brought up in Surat, Bhargav Jariwala considers 'travel' to be his first crush. He left engineering to explore new places. He Loves to Trek. His heart belongs in The Mountains. He takes Holidays alone. He doesn't hesitate to Travel to lesser known locations. He has been on several Trekking Trips, each time coming back with a different, memorable experience. He tried his hand with a pen and paper for his debut novel "You Met Me For a Reason" to share his romantic adventurous story. With a penchant for not only traveling, but also for living in different places, he finds inspiration to live wherever he goes.
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About the Book

Based on true events, the story revolves around four main characters - Rihen, Naira, Aaruhi and Karan. Rihen and Naira met each other again during another trekking trip. Smart and dimpled-faced beauty Naira is perplexed by Rihen's change of behaviour during this trip. Previously liked for his vivacious and friendly nature, Rihen has now turned distant and bitter towards Life. And she is determined to find out the reason. Karan - A handsome and well-built guy, also on the same Trip, has his eyes on the pretty Naira. One starry night during a campfire, the trio play a game...thus unfolding Rihen's past and the reason for his cold behavior. How he met a girl Aaruhi on Social media who later broke his heart. As they trek through the heart of the Mountains past lush green valleys, gurgling water streams and wooded highlands, the three of them discover new meaning of friendship and love. Naira gradually develops feelings for Rihen. On the other hand, Karan also starts liking Naira. Will Karan succeed in wooing Naira? Or, will Naira express her love to Rihen? Join them in their spectacular journey of trekking and how their life changes thereafter.

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Completed Treks

The Seri Frozen Lake trek 2016
The Seri Frozen Lake trek (2016)
Sour tal trek 2017
Sour Tal Trek (2017)
kedarkantha 2021
Kedarkantha (2021)
2019 CHADDAR 03
Chadar Trek (2019)

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